Senin, 14 Mei 2012

Promoting Technology-Based Learning With Online Class Management Solution

Given the multitude of technology devices and solutions available today, it is no wonder that technology based learning is being explored in a big way by both online educators and students. From smart mobile applications to data collection and storage tools, students are enjoying access to a lot more things than they ever did to learn new things on their own. Although brick-and-mortar schools are now joining the league of tech-friendly institutions, the trend is more rampant in online classes. They are switching to the online class management solutions to make their teaching-learning procedures even more interesting and effective.

If you are an online educator or in some way associated with online learning, do follow these tips to promote technology based learning in your virtual classroom:

Create back channels for "Need to Know"

There are many learning management systems (LMS) that comes integrated with the online class management solution, which has the feature to create various back channels. Use the facility to come up with a "Need to know" back channel that allows them to create a list of queries. Revisit the list from time to time and help your students with their assignments by responding to their questions. Another great way to create a back channel list is to use Twitter or a similar social networking site. Simply use the hash tag to create a list of "Need to Knows." This will encourage students to interact with their teachers in a more inhibition-free manner.

Make the most of the LMS social tools

Take the help of the Moodle LMS Connector that comes embedded with the online class management solution and allow your students to gain access to interesting social tools therein. There are wikis, blogs, chat room facilities, and discussion forums in the LMS. Encourage your students to participate in the activities using these features to gather valuable, collaborative learning experience.

Collaborate with smart mobile applications

Staying in touch with your students via email using the email messaging tool of the class registration software is a prompt way to communicate; but you can try using mobile applications too. Nowadays, every student has a mobile device and they keep texting classmates on a regular basis. So, it would be a great idea to use this mode to keep your students updated about their classes as well as to facilitate easy sharing of course modules amongst themselves.

Create quizzes and polls

School kids today are mature individuals who have an opinion of their own on most issues. Value their views and opinions and utilize them to improve your classroom teaching standards. Create questionnaires using powerful productivity tools of the class registration software to conduct quizzes during extra class times, or conduct polls and surveys to collect their honest feedback. Both ways, your class will be immensely benefited.

Give out reward points

With the present day online class management solutions, it is so much easier to accredit your students for their good work. Give out reward points in the form of free classes or award them with certificates on the successful completion of the programs.

Online class management solution enhances the teaching-learning standard of a virtual classroom by providing a host of features and facilities.